Arrows of Intrigue

IV.1 Interesting Archery at Beorgwic

A few characters of note surface.

Lord Gilbert Strangewayes,

Allow me once again to express my sincerest condolences at the loss of your lord father. The responsibilities that fall upon your shoulders are surely not destined for lesser men.

As you were away for the duration of the archery tournament, let me be brief about the news forthcoming. Ser Josen may do well to recollect some of the events but the winner of archery tournament was a common-born lass named Ellen Gold. She won enough dragons to propel her family from mere farmfolk to the level of a merchant. Other characters of interest include travellers from outside our lands named Kadima and Jon Wolfsbane, as well as the old veteran Erik the Rusty. I hear tales from within Beorgwic that Ellen Gold is to be made a landed noble, or at least a sworn sword, both actions which are sure to attract the attention of our overlords in Casterly Rock.

Additionally, two archers – “Thorncloak” and “Silvercloak” – participated but did not advance sufficently to attract attention. I have known for some time that the Yews would attempt to visit House Durion in order to either test its strength (although I suspect Ser Raynard would simply visit to best Ser Lothial). If knowledge of their participation here were to become public, given the debacle at Helmcrest, we would be sent a gentle warning by the Lannisters.

I must advise the utmost discretion, for I have noticed that many Lannister eyes pry upon our master’s house. Do they know about Ser Enwin Garner’s swindle? Even this I do not know for sure.

Now House Durion must deal with the consequences of their actions. I only hope that we can act quickly to counteract some of the threats to their stability.

James, son of Jon
Seventh Moon, 292 AL


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