House Durion

House Durion are a noble house located within the mountainous regions of the Westerlands, north of the gold road. They are bannerman under House Lannister of Casterly Rock, who are their overlords.



List of individuals


  • LORD MATTHEW DURION, Lord of House Durion, ruler of Beorgwic. Called The Hesitant;
    • LADY ALYSSA NORCROSS, his wife;
    • SER DIRK DURION, his son, called Simple Dirk;
    • LADY ANITA DURION, his eldest daughter, a legitimised base-born woman whose true identity is not widely known;
    • LADY KATERIN DURION, his youngest daughter;

Banners and Sworn Swords


  • MAESTER TIM, master of high explosives, prone to injury;
  • SEPTA BEATRICE, high-minded steward of the Sept;
  • NATHANIEL MARSH, castellan and master-at-arms;
  • CALED, captain of the guard
  • BERTRAM, an artisan;
  • ERNEST, another artisan;
  • THOMAS BRAZIER, a blacksmith;

House Durion

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