House Strangewayes

“Twisting is the path”

House Strangewayes are a noble house located within the mountainous regions of the Westerlands, north of the gold road. They are bannermen of House Durion.



House Strangewayes’ fortunes are linked to those of Buck The Foolish, who became Lord of House Durion after the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Buck, now a landed Lord, made his young squire Lawrence a Knight, and subsequently a bannerman under the new house.



  • {LORD LAWRENCE STRANGEWAYES}, the Snakespear,Lord Founder of House Strangewayes, Bannerman to House Durion, Ruler of Fang Rock, died of an illness;
    • LADY ARANNA LANGLEY, his wife;
    • SER GILBERT, current representative to House Durion, called Fair Gilbert;
      • LADY LYSA KENNING OF KAYCE, his wife;
      • ARRED STRANGEWAYES, his eldest son;
      • SUZAIN STRANGEWAYES, his eldest daughter;
      • LAWRENCE STRANGEWAYES, his second son, called “Little Lawrence”;
      • ALEX HILL, his son from an unknown woman;
      • MARGRITTE FLOWERS, his daughter from an unknown woman;
      • LADY FANTINE PENROSE, his wife;
      • BERNICE STRANGEWAYES, his eldest daughter;
      • GISELA STRANGEWAYES, his youngest daughter;
    • LADY KAYE STRANGEWAYES, married to Keston Hersy of the Vale;
    • LADY CECILY STRANGEWAYES, married to Marten Fairchild of the Reach;
    • ROBERT STRANGEWAYES, apprentice to Leyton Hightower in Oldtown, called Wise Robert;
  • SER TOMMEN STRANGEWAYES, the Snakesbane, residing some distance from Fang Rock;
    • LADY KATHRYN FLORENT, his wife;
    • ODETTE STRANGEWAYES, his only daughter;
      • MILES MYATT, her husband;
      • CORWYN MYATT, their eldest son;
      • {REESE MYATT}, their youngest son;
    • GREGORY STRANGEWAYES, his eldest son. Called the White Snake;
      • AMELIA DONNIGER, his wife.
      • CARMINE STRANGEWAYES, his eldest daughter;
      • ASTRID STRANGEWAYES, his second daughter;
      • GILBERT STRANGEWAYES, his only son. Called “Golden Gilbert”;
      • MELIA STRANGEWAYES, his third daughter;
    • ALESSANDER STRANGEWAYES, his second son;
      • NENA FERREN, his wife;
      • AEMON STRANGEWAYES, his eldest son;
      • DUNCAN STRANGEWAYES, his second son;
      • BAELOR STRANGEWAYES, his third son;
  • MAESTER DAMION, Maester with three links, resident Maester for House Wydman of the Vale.

House Strangewayes

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