The history of the Seven Kingdoms is not born out of dragonfire, but of the embers that congregate into a great flame.

As the Lords Durion are unable to write down the history of the affairs of the house;
And as they are without chronicler or scribe save Septon Moreband, who is too busy;
And as I am a servant of Ser Gilbert Strangewayes, bannerman to House Durion;
It is my current responsibility to document the events surrounding our lords’ patch of the Westerlands.
I have been assigned to do this under the promise of landed knighthood if/when our lands expand. As I am a slave of duty I find myself well capable of carrying this task out to its conclusion, or until I can find a suitable successor.

I am to report twice monthly to Ser Gilbert, as the movement of houses great and small in the Seven Kingdoms are like those of the stars; seemingly unchanging, but moving nonetheless.

James, son of Jon
Seventh Moon, 292 AL

Arrows of Intrigue

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