Lothial Kaldurn

Sworn sword and ex-squire to ser Dirk of house Durian


3 Agility (Contortions, Dodge)
2 Animal Handling
2 Athletics
5 Awareness (Notice)
5 Cunning (Logic, Memmory)
2 Deception
2 Endurance
3 Fighting
2 Healing
2 Language
2 Knowledge
5 Marksmanship (Bow x2)
4 Persuasion
4 Status
3 Stealth (Blend In)
2 Survival
2 Thievery
1 Warfare
2 Will

13 Intrigue Defence
9 Combat Defence
6 Composure
6 Health


Personal coat of arms is a red one-eyed bull with silver horns and adornments on a dark blue field.

Lothial grew up the son of a hunter serving house Durian. His mother died when he was 6 and was raised by his father alone, learning his fathers bow-skills. Lothial was blessed with a quick mind and picked up new skills quickly. While not as strong as many youths he could out think them and learnt how to escape beatings by ducking through crowds and tight spaces. He would sometimes hide away in high vantage points and use his excellent eyesight to spy on the ongoings of the town Beorgwic, especially whatever the maesters were up to.

When Lothial was 14, the maester held a competition amoung the young aspirants of Beorgwic, competing in games of cunning and awareness. Lothial entered and won the competition, unknowing that the true nature of the competition was to find a suitable squire for young Dirk, who had proved to be very nieve lad in need of someone to try and keep him out of trouble.

The next year Lothial and Dirk attended the first tournament Lothial had been to. Lothial was encouraged to enter the archery contest where he distinguished himself to be the last lowborn competitor competeing, besting a few nobles in the process. This gave him his first taste of fame as the rest of the lowborn and even a few nobles applauded his prowess, especially ser Reynard Yew (who placed second to ser Manford Prester). In Lothials eyes ser Reynard became somewhat of a mentor.

Shortly after the tourney Lothial and Dirk travelled to Kings Landing amid rumours that house Durian had attacked neighbouring house Danitt. This proved to be a ploy orchestrated by members of house Lugiss to infiltrate house Danitt and take over Durian lands. Lothial was knighted and became a sworn sword to house Durian. Dirk took a new squire called Tigger Wil who turned out to be a noble from Dorne. Tigger and Iris Danitt hit it off and are now soon to be married.

Back at Beorgwic, and now a knight, Lothial started courting Dirks younger sister Katarina in secret, with aspirations to one day rule house Durian once Lord Durian passed and Dirk no doubt got himself killed.

At the Lannisport tourney, Dirk had been unhorsed in the joust, and had made arrangements to wed Katarina to ________ in exchange for the return of his very expensive war horse. Lothial suggested that since the wording of the agreement was to wed “his sister” that we could create an unknown sister. With investigation it was found that Lord Durian had sired numerous bastards. A suitable female was found to be bought back into the fold and married off to ________ . Lady Durian and Katarina would be offended by the plot so they were sent away until it would be to late for them to say anything. Knowing the inherent danger in the weak plan he had created to save Katarina for himself, ser Lothial volunteered to protect the ladies on thier journey giving himself deniability in the plot and also alot of time alone with Katarina.

Shortly after this Lothial recieved an invitation to a wedding between Elaine Yew and Damien Allgood. Journeying to castle Helmscrest Lothial met young Agatha Yew. He did not initially take notice of Agatha even when Lord Yew mentioned offhand a possibility of marriage. But as Dirk poorly attempted to sway the maidens heart, Lothial began to see a cunning mind, sharp wit and even a devious nature that intrigued him more at every step. He composed a flattering riddle for Agatha that unfortunately was revealed in the presence of Katarina, ending any possibilities there, but Lothial strangely did not mind. It was not until he was forced to leave preaturely that he realised he was totally smitten.

While at the wedding celebrations there was a small archers tourney as the Yews are avid fans. The Yews (except Agatha) did not compete and Lothial who had been honing his skills to go up against Reynard managed to win the event. Ser Brax asked Lothial to join him in a tourney on the Iron Islands and to raise a team from his area of Westeros

to be continued….

Lothial Kaldurn

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